Are you contemplating a water feature for your modern yard? Looking for technical details about installing a garden pond? We are the expert Modern Ponds Consultant for that information.

There are many things to consider when pondering the installation of a water feature. Of course, there’s the budget. Yet there’s also the design of your garden and pond. Is there a particular shape that interests you? Will your garden pond feature stepping stones? Will it be surrounded by plants? Check out the images below, that will help give you an idea of what you may or may not like.

Stone and the Modern Pond

What would a pond be without stone? And there are many uses for this material, including the containment of water and the definition of the pond’s shape. Take a look at the sleek form of the garden pond below, which makes use of clean lines and right angles.Modern Ponds

This pond below showcases a different use for stone–stepping stones, that is! These stepping stones seem to float on the water, yet they are supported by poured concrete bases. They provide a steady path across this contemporary water feature while adding visual interest.Modern ponds

This pond uses stone and pebbles! Note how the large pebbles below fill the bottom of the water feature, creating a smooth bed of rocks while celebrating a sleek gray palette. No plants are needed here–the stones say it all! Modern ponds

Does your pond need flowing water? It certainly prevents the water from getting stagnant! And there are many ways to incorporate the flow of water, including a waterfall effect created in part by an indention in the ledge of the pond, as shown below. You can have both modern and the wildness of nature. Modern ponds

Did you notice that the majority of these featured ponds involve straight lines rather than curves? Do you prefer square and rectangular water features, or do you enjoy the look of a round pond? Which of the images above caught your eye?


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